Good Times with the OCBP

Had a FANTASTIC time playing with the Orange County Blues Players at their sixth anniversary bash in Santa Ana. The folks at Malones hooked us up with the “big stage,” and the OCBP got a pro sound guy to mic everything up. It sounded great!

I was lucky enough to play with some really good musicians for my set. I did “Ain’t Too Old,” “Mercury Blues,” and “Hound Dog.” I even snuck in an abbreviated Jimmy Reed tune, which I think got me in a little trouble. Always trying to hog the playing time, old Drew!

Lots more photos from the event can be had, especially at the OCBP site… hundreds, literally. I’m curious to see if anyone got any good audio or video. That would be a hoot.

Anyway, props go out to Jim Flaherty, Richard Hassebrock, and Tony Angel for pulling it all off in style. Anytime you get 75 musicians in a room, all itching to play, it can be… interesting. These guys pulled it off without a hitch.